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Frequently Asked Questions

Playing Soccer

  1. At what age can a child play soccer?
  2. How many games do the teams play?
  3. What equipment does my child need?
  4. Where are games held?
  5. When do I get my uniform?
  6. How do I prepare for games and practices?


Team Information

  1. Are all players from Hobe Sound?
  2. What does U-something mean?
  3. How are recreational teams determined?
  4. What is recreational soccer?
  5. What is Competitive?
  6. Do the girls have to play on the girls teams?
  7. When do I find out what team I am on?


  1. Where are practices held?
  2. How often are practices held?

Becoming a Referee

  1. How do I become a referee?
  2. At what age can I become a referee?

Family Commitments

  1. What is the time commitment required of families?
  2. How much does soccer cost?
  3. What does my registration fee cover?
  4. Sponsors?
  5. Feedback?

At what age can a child play soccer?

The Hobe Sound Soccer club has teams for players age 4 through 18. Teams are not guaranteed at every level. They will be determined based on the amount of interest and ability at each level.

How many games do the teams play?

Recreational Soccer: Recreational teams normally play 10 games during the fall. Additionally, U10 and above may play in at least 1 tournament (which is normally 3 games).
Competitive Soccer: The younger competitive teams (U9-10) are very similar to recreational teams. Older teams may elect to play in other leagues, tournaments and extend their season significantly longer than the recreational teams.

What equipment does my child need?

Soccer shoes, shin guards, a soccer ball, and a water bottle should be brought to every practice and game.

Where are games held?

Home games are held at William G. "Doc" Myers/South County Ball Park. U6 and U8 rec teams play all games at Doc Myers. U10 and older rec teams play at Doc Myers and other locations around the Treasure Coast, including Palm City and Jensen Beach. Travel/competitive teams play around South Florida depending on league.

When do I get my uniform?

Recreational Soccer: The uniforms will be ordered based on the sizes provided on the registration form. The uniforms will be given to the coaches a few days before the first game of the season.
Competitive Soccer: Teams will order uniforms as a group after try-outs and the teams are formed (competitive uniforms typically last 2 seasons).

How do I prepare for games and practices?

Bring all equipment; be ready to play before the practice/game. Bring a water bottle, and make sure to stay hydrated (starting before the practice or game). Ask the coach what time the players should be at the field (ready to go) before practices and games. For example: Some coaches prefer that players be ready 10 minutes prior to practices and

Are all players from Hobe Sound?

Hobe Sound Soccer Club welcomes players from outside of the Hobe Sound area.

What does U-something mean?

“U" stands for Under (U8 is 8 & under). Players are assigned to divisions based on their age as of January 1 of the current registration period. The rules have recently changed and this information captures the new birth-year requirements:

Florida Youth Soccer Association (FYSA) prohibits children from playing under their age (a 10 year old playing on a U8 team for example), but does allow children to “play up” (a 10 year old on a U12 team for example). Playing up is generally done in the older (above 10) age brackets, and can be done to facilitate formation of a team. For example, if a U12 team is short a player and can’t form a team, and the U11 team has two extra players, one player on U11 may be chosen to “play up” so that both teams can play. .

How are recreational teams determined?

Team assignments are made by the commissioner overseen by the club registrar, who attempt to balance teams. Factors considered include age, previous playing experience, skill level, and gender. Parental requests for children to be teammates at the U6 and U8 levels will be accommodated when possible and when significant imbalances will not occur.

What is recreational soccer?

Recreational soccer is Hobe Sound’s fun and learning soccer program. Hobe Sound Soccer Club is part of the Treasure Coast League, and the Florida Youth Soccer Association (FYSA). U6 and U8 teams play on Friday nights, 1 hour games, at the South County Ball Park. U10 and up teams typically play at several fields (travel times to games are normally less than 30 minutes), with approximately ½ the games at the home field. The teams are involved in at least one tournament. Players may play in Hobe Sound’s recreational soccer leagues through age 16 – depending on demand and availability of players and coaches. .

What is Competitive?

Competitive soccer with the Hobe Sound Soccer Club is more competitive soccer. Players must try-out and be selected to be part of the team. The competitive teams are called Strikers, and are part of the Hobe Sound Soccer Club.

Competitive soccer players are selected by a group of coaches, trainers and club officials based on speed, skills, attitude and fitness. Rules governing competitive soccer are different than those for recreational soccer. For example, recreational players are guaranteed ½ game playing time each game. The competitive team will always strive to get all players playing time, but determination of playing time is made based upon how the player can contribute to the team. There is an increased concern for outcome, but player development, discipline, fitness and fun are also goals of the program.

Commitment by players to do their best is expected. Players must commit to the team and participate in all team activities.

Do the girls have to play on the girls teams?

Girls’ teams are normally available for U-10, U-12 and U14 levels (depending on interest). The girls may choose between a girls’ team (when available) and a co-ed team.

When do I find out what team I am on?

Recreational Soccer: The coach will contact you by mid September.
Competitive: The coaches will call all players who tried out as soon as possible after try-outs. FYSA rules require that no player can be rostered until after August 1.

Where are practices held?

The team practices are held at Wiliam G. "Doc" Myers/South County Ballpark.

How often are practices held?

Micro (U6 and U8) normally practice 1 night a week for about an hour, while Rec (U10 and above) normally practice 2 nights a week. This is determined by the coaches and typically starts in early September.

Competitive teams normally practice a minimum of 2 days per week for a minimum of 1½ hours – again, this is determined by the coaches. Practices can start as early as July.

How do I become a referee?

To obtain a Referee’s license, you must first complete a referee class. Classes are usually listed here on our website.

At what age can I become a referee?

There is no minimum age for referees. The candidate must be able to be attentive for an 18-hour class, and pass an extensive objective exam. We normally recommend candidates be at least 12 years old.

What is the time commitment required of families?

The players should make every effort to be at all practices and games. Additionally, the club requests volunteer time of the family of each player. The club is organized and maintained by solely by volunteers, so it is very important that every family contributes.

Volunteer options vary in time commitment and time span, but include:

  • Coaching
  • Concession stand staff
  • Clean concession stand
  • Trophy distribution
  • Registration
  • Uniform distribution
  • Typeset newsletter
  • Fold/staple newsletter
  • Photography (candids for website and newspaper submission)
  • Distribute flyers to schools
  • Team parent (organize snack schedule, etc)
  • Assist at season kick-off party
  • Assemble coaches manuals

How much does soccer cost?

The 2016/2017 registrations costs are: Recreational/$200; Competitive/$200 plus expenses

Competitive Players will also be responsible for uniform costs and tournament fees, as determined by each team. Some teams may elect to participate in other leagues, tournaments and extend their season. The team’s activities for the season are ultimately decided by the Coach or Manager but should incorporate the wishes of the parents and players. The length of the season, tournaments to be entered, expected team expenses and fundraising plan are titled Team Agenda.

Competitive teams incur many more expenses than recreational teams. Uniform upgrades, increased referee cost, tournament expenses and training fees are among the expenses each team may incur. It is common that $250-$750 per player will be necessary for the player to participate in the Striker program. Most often, some fund raising plan is used to offset the individual player costs. This can be as individual as a player securing a sponsor for a set amount or it may be a team fundraising effort such as car wash or candy sale. After deciding on a team agenda, the coach/manager will discuss the team finances with those players selected to the team. .

What does my registration fee cover?

Recreational Soccer: Field Maintenance, equipment, uniform (shirt, shorts, socks), referees, state and district fees, and administration costs



Each recreational team is required to have a team sponsor. Competitive players are encouraged to get a sponsor to help offset their individual costs. See the Sponsor section of the website for sponsoring costs and benefits. HSSC strives to build lasting relationships with it’s sponsors to enhance community awareness of both HSSC and the sponsor.


HSSC encourages feedback from involved parents and club members. Please feel free to contact the appropriate volunteer listed on the Board of Directors page to share constructive feedback or compliments.


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