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Welcome to Hobe Sound Soccer Club (HSSC), home of the Strikers!  Located in Martin County, Florida, our mission is to foster children’s physical, mental, and emotional growth and development through soccer.  We provide a soccer home for players regardless of age, race, disability, or financial situation.

Under the guidance and direction of a highly qualified coaching staff, children’s lives are positively impacted both on and off the field. 

Hobe Sound Soccer Club is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Our federal identification number is 65-0143123. Contributions to the club are tax-deductible.

TOPSoccer 2021

Hobe Sound Soccer Club     

TOPSoccer Program 2021

Soccer for Children with Special Needs

2021 Season Starts April 16

Registration is Open until April 30


Players and Volunteers


For 2021 Season Information (Friday Nights)

Where: Doc Meyers Park in Hobe Sound, on Old Dixie Hwy, behind the HS Post Office.                                        

Who: Special Needs Persons of all ages.

Registration is Required 

Space is Limited.

Cost: Registration is FREE until April 16 2021 

What: Soccer for persons with Disabilities

Incl. Training, Uniforms and Games

 When: April 16 – June 4 2021

 All AGES: 6:30pm -8:00pm


(All players arrive by 6:15pm.All Buddies arrive by 5:45pm)

COVID-19 Guidelines Appropriately Adopted.more information,



-----------2021 SPRING Come 'n Play------------

Hobe Sound Soccer Club 

Recreational “ Come ‘n’ Play” Spring Micros Six Week program.

Hobe sound soccer club, second Spring Micro program aimed at recreational players ages 3 through 10 that wish to learn technical skills of the beautiful game of soccer  whilst playing games and having fun!

Practice session on Wednesday's 5: 45pm - 6:45 pm.

Starts on- April 21 2021  - Ends on-  May 29 2021.

Games are played on Saturday Mornings. 10:30 am- 11:30am.

To register go to: and click on the Spring “Come ‘n’ Play” link.

6 - week program 

Registration Fee  :$70

To register go to: and click on the Spring “Come ‘n’ Play” link.

Wednesday’s and Saturday’s.

Hobe sound soccer club experienced coaches and volunteer coaches will teach Technical skills required for soccer and will promote game-related activities allowing each player to develop their play, practice, play cultivating the love of “the beautiful game” of soccer.

One Practice session on Wednesday's 5: 45pm - 6:45pm .

Games on Saturday Mornings. 10:30 am- 11:30am.

HSSC promotes - USSF, NCAA, and  European qualified coaches who will introduce technical skill tasks The art of - dribbling, passing, controlling the ball, and shooting just to name a few our individual skill tasks will give all players opportunities to explore and accelerate their natural abilities whilst practicing under a personal player development monitoring system through skill learning and Fun!

-------------COMPETITIVE SOCCER PROGRAMS---------------

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN. Click on the link below to get signed up.

2020 - 2021 Season




Interested in supporting soccer kids here in your community?  Become a sponsor and make a difference.


>REFUND POLICY: Registration is non refundable except cancellation due to no age group or viable league.
>RELEASE FEE: ( For Competitive players)$125.00 per player. Players are registered for a seasonal playing, year June 10 to May 31 
>TEAM SPONSORSHIPS: Each Recreational team is required to obtain a sponsor and funds will be put into the general club account to be used for additional equipment, guest trainers, coaches training and continued education etc..

>COMP + PREP TEAMS:  At the start of each season the coach and team manager will discuss the teams plans and expected costs for the season. Commonly these fees are modified to the individual player by obtaining individual player or team sponsors.

>DISCLAIMER: When registering my player(s) prior to June 10, 2020, I am doing so to show that we intend to play the 2020-2021 Season with Hobe Sound Soccer Club (HSSC). I understand that I have the right to explore other clubs until June 9, 2020.  On June 10, 2020 my player(s) will be Officially Registered to Hobe Sound Soccer Club with FYSA and/or US Club Soccer.  I understand that after June 10, 2020 we are committed to Hobe Sound Soccer Club until May 31, 2021.  All fees paid with this Letter of Intent are fully earned by HSSC and nonrefundable.



Looking to renew your yearly certification visit .


New refs can also get started at:

Florida Youth Soccer Association (FYSA) is sponsoring a program for new refs under 18 to receive a starter kit free-of-charge once they pass the course.

Download the App: IFAB for Law changes

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General Club Contact Informtion

Hobe Sound Soccer Club  

Attention: Member Care
8771 SE Bridge Rd.

Suite 215
Hobe Sound, Florida 33455

Phone: 603-236-6152